3rd African Feminist Forum: I Feel Like Crying Tears

I am thinking about crying. Crying tears. They say that tears are healing. They also say that tears are weak. If you are a career woman, it is not advisable to cry under professional circumstances, because then you may be seen as a typical weak female who should have stayed in the home, kissing away her children’s  boo-boos, and sobbing as she watches Maria finally succumb to the romantic advances of Miguel, in this week’s episode of her favourite telenovella.

Alternatively you will be seen as a manipulative vixen, Daddy’s little princess-bitch, who turns on the waterworks when she can’t get her way.

But I am thinking also about unshed tears, tears of pride and frustration, women in Zambia who must stay up all night wailing at the death of a male relative, forced tears.

P.S: Kampire Bahana is a young feminist living and working in Kampala, Uganda. You can read some more of her writings at www.vuga.wordpress.com

Kampire Bahana at a session at the AFF

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  1. agatha uju says:

    Honestly, women are been dealt with in most part of the world. Women therefore should stand up and say no to intimidation and all forms of practices against women.They should clean their tears,be strong and face the challenges, bet me there is a SUNNY DAY for women all over the world. We are good ASSESTS to humanity,to our children,to our maker,to our nations,and to life itself. Women are not LIABILITIES.

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