Victims and Heroes: Nuba Women Struggle in Two Years of War

Nuba women struggle with the current war took several forms. There is the day by day struggle of Nuba women inside the conflict areas, where women living in caves and feeding their children insects and trees leaves, while risking their lives to take long journies to search for clean water and fire woods, the other struggle is the brave journey Nuba women take to the refugees camps to South Sudan , searching for security and food, which put those women in serious dangers of being killed either by the wild animals in the roads or the government bombing. In the areas that far from South Sudan, many Nuba peoples, most of them were women took up the roads to the nearest towns in near states inside Sudan, either to North Kordofan or to continue the way to Khartoum. On the roads from Nuba mountains to other cities inside Sudan, women face the searching points of the Sudanese Armed Forces(SAF), where many had been arrested, sexually harassed, and forced to give up their belongings to let them leave the war region.

The suffering from the war in Nuba mountains has not been limited to Nuba women who live inside Nuba mountains or in the areas directly affected by the fighting. Nuba women who live in Khartoum and other northern cities has been affected by the war especially women activists. Nuba women activists in various fields either politics, law, human rights, media or social media, education, and peace, has been targeted and viciously attacked by the Sudanese government and its security forces. Nuba women activists, were detained for the longest terms for detention for women in Sudan. Moreover, they were raped, tortured physically and psychologically, threatened to be killed, and their families were threatened too. Therefore the experiences of Nuba women activists is reflecting how brave those women are in the face of this war which seems to be against Nuba peoples wherever they are, either inside Nuba mountains or not.

Read more about the challenges facing Nuba Women in the report below by Nuba Women Activists and Arry Organisation for Human Rights.

By: Doaa Abdelaal

Jalia Khamis

A picture of Jalia Khamis taken in January 2013 during a trial in Khartoum, Sudan




  1. madeleine says:

    Thanks for shining a light on Nuba women. I was following the case of Mrs Kharmis at the beginning of the year, but I’ve not been able to find any more information online about the decision that was made in January 2013 – please can you send me more information if you have it? Thank-you.

  2. aff says:

    The report has details for Arry Organisation. Please check that

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