Statement by The National Women’s Steering Committee (NWSC) and Africa Unite Campaign To End Violence Against Women And Girls: Governor Kidero’s Battery of Hon Rachel Shebesh

We note with shock and horror the criminal incident that occurred at the offices of the Governor for the County of Nairobi, Evans Kidero September 6, 2013.  Video footage from various media outlets show Governor Evans Kidero striking Mrs. Shebesh, the women representative for Nairobi County, with his hand.  The battery occurred at Governor Kidero’s office at City Hall, Nairobi.  This criminal act was committed by a public official on public property against Hon Shebesh while she was exercising her responsibilities as an elected representative of the people of Nairobi County.


On another clip Governor Kidero was videotaped denying any recollection that he struck “anybody”.  Those who have viewed the video footage can help the Governor with his memory.  Governor Kidero is clearly identifiable in the video footage, raising his hand and striking Mrs. Shebesh.  Further Governor Kidero’s subsequent lies regarding the incident reflect a complete disregard for the truth and a lack of appreciation for gravity of the offence.  Governor Kidero’s behavior is criminal and we expect the Kenya Police to investigate and the Director of Public Prosecution-DPP to initiate criminal charges against Governor Kidero.


In light of the magnitude of the offence, and noting that it occurred on public property while the Governor was acting in his official capacity we call for the immediate resignation of Governor Kidero.  We also call for charges to be levied against all Kenya Police who were present and witnessed the incident and did not act to protect the victim or report the matter to the Police.  The video footage is available and the National and County governments have details of the police officers assigned to the Governor’s office and those present in the video.


Violence against women is a criminal offence and unacceptable in our society.  While we note all violence against women is wrong this assault is particularly egregious because it was by a public official, in his official capacity on public property and against a citizen exercising her Constitutional rights.


Finally, we call on the President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta to publicly condemn this act of violence against the women of Kenya. We further seek his assurance, and that of our national and county governments, that they will NOT tolerate repression and violence against their citizens regardless of gender.


Contacts: Saida Ali COVAW 0722594794

Gathoni Kimondo KIMBILIO TRUST 0727341030


Please see PDF version of statement below

NWSC statement on Governor Kidero battery of Mrs ShebeshNWSC statement on Governor Kidero battery of Mrs Shebesh


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  1. Sipiwe Kchidza Mapfumo says:

    There is need to publish the video and Kidero should bear the full brunt of the law and should be asked to leave his office. We as African women have had enough of all talk and no action. Nobody is above the law and we would like to have Kidero fire d immediately. Such nonsense should be halted .

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